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Aero Cycling Gear is a brand dedicated to helping riders. As a brand owned by cyclists, Aero Cycling Gear makes products that cyclists can use to get the most out of their performance. Whether you are a weekend warrior, coffee ride fanatic or professional rider our products are for you!

Aero Cycling Gear started out in 2019, we were fanatics of cycling socks and were taken away by the aero sock. However after a few times wearing them they were always falling down, getting over stretched and the grip was washing away with every wash. We took it into our own hands and started Project Aero to create a really good quality aero sock that tests with top results in the wind tunnel and is very durable in all weather conditions and in the wash!!!

Our socks tests 1-3 watts faster than the aero socks competitors with our very own testing protocol developed to cater all factors and forces a rider comes across in races. This will help riders give that little extra at the end of a race giving that ever needed morale boost.

We love to create custom socks for our customers whether thats for individuals, teams or companies. Here we can help the customer and their sponsors get more exposure and develop the ever needed to support that the cycling sport needs.          




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